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telescopic pole photography





The ProPole System was developed specifically for photographers who need the ability to take

elevated photos. Elevated photography provides a perspective that is unique in that it grabs your

attention, providing the most interesting and attractive view possible. Our ProPole telecoping

photography mast is a valuable tool that will help you land the most lucrative jobs.


The sytem has been engineered for simplicity and ease of use. It attaches to any vehicle with a

standard 2x2" receiver and pneumatically telescopes to 32 feet. To operate the system, the user

adjusts the telescoping mast to vertical, locks it in place, and then pumps the pole to the desired

height using a hand pump. The included wireless pan/tilt controller allows you to easily frame the

shot on an ipad or other mobile device, while at the same time controlling all camera functions.

When its time to relocate, simply open an air release valve to lower the telescoping mast and

drive to your next location.


Our patented, adjustable tilt, mast mount, allows the ProPole to work anywhere your vehicle can

go, even highly sloping terrain.  All ProPole components are latest in telescoping mast photography

and will provide a lifetime of dependable service.


If your a professional photographer who is looking for the most full-featured, cost-effective, elevated photography system on the market today, please contact us so we can provide further information.